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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  May 18, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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3 3 wwdnesday, may 11th. 3 3 &p
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3 33 map iber map
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3 3 3 3 first on ffx...a voluntter at a ity rec center is accused & of soliciting sex ffom an 11-year old bby. happened here... in the heart oo feeeral hill.27-yeer &pold terry graady... was arrested for ooiciting ssx
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hh was suppooed o be heeping. -3 grandy as a vvlunteer attthe recccenner for five yyu caa imagine, parents are shooked... (4:39:44) (qqiana wilkins) -never think. he was quiet. he always spoke...."(5:11:14) (noelle cleemons) "we really don't understand. we don't know the ins and outs of what happened wwth the sittation....!" & situation....!"granny... is 33 and the directors of this rec center... aren't coming back either..he cityynotiiied them, to different city rec ceeter. and that this one, would be getting new, mann parents ren't happy about that.they've tarted aa petition drive hoping to keep the directors n feddrallhill. 33 a retired baltimore firefighhee s under arrest... skateboarder with a shotgun. it happened in solomons. 66-year-ood charles armiger & wws repootedly trying to scare away aagroup of skateeoardees... whhn things pot ugly.witnesses ay he first used peppee spray...
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& thhn pulleddout his gun.police fouud the 15-year-old boy n a &psidewalk... shot in he leg. armigee appareetlyyconfessed. 3 "well as soon as the guu 3 punshots, he saw the suspect, he aaproachee him, with his gun at porr arms, he police offiier and said 'i cam) "he aid 'i shot someone'?" pomeone''"the teen skateboarrer is recoveringg.. and is expecteddto beefine. p3 3 tte entiie senior class at wwsteen high school in orth baltimore will miss out on ssme senior events... because of somm ranks pulled by just a few students... that went pto ar. far.thereewerr sooe harmless pranks.. llke coating door & dangerous pranks... are wwat 3 two senior events.last friday was he last ay of classes for ssnioos.. and thht's whhn pomeone poosoned thh water system with a chemical. no one &p was injured ...but school officials cancelled the "senior farrwell" and "senioo banquet."prom is still on.. as 3 3&pthe mother of an 8th-graaer
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sayssher daughter was &&ppunished... or doing the right thing. the girl reported an inciddnt... of two students having sex on a the matter differently... and & unissed her for not telling thh chaperones on the bus at -3 the time. he studenn is now banned from & pttending her class icnic and 8th grade prom. incredible video this morring 3 westten mmrylann. -3 marrland. & 3 thissvideo shot tuesday was - posted on you tube aad shows -3 what could be a funnnl clood &pin maugansvilll, which is just northwest offhagerstown.the weather system leddto daaaged 3 serrice will visii the area this week tt investigate. 3&p a rabid accoon is n - the loose in woodlawn.the - poonty health department says &ptwo people were bitten by a raccoon in the woodlawn area. hours of ach other.bothh & victims are receiving antti pabies treatment s a result. bbltimore county animal control has stepped uu patrols & in he area. 3 a couple oo heaath suggestions
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for men thhs mmrning.first- doctors are now saying men ssoull gee the h-p-vvvaccine..- vaccinn.the human papiloma 3 ttansmitted disease that can leaddto cervical ccncer in womennup untill ow the vaccine's been recommenddd for younggwomen.but reseerchers now say it can aaso help prrvenn certaiincancers in men.3 making ssre yourrman gets his could do more than just make him happyynew esearch showw that drinking it cculd also reduce a man's risk of prostate cancer by up to 60 -3 percent.of get the added benefii... he will need to drink ásixá or more cups of 3 wooth the caffeene... &p3 the biggrace is now just 3 days away, and those pith preakness ffver can start getting heir fix at thh rack righh now. nnw. joel d. smith s
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liveeatt imlico whhee the suuriss tours f old hhlltop are just part of a busy ay there. good & morniig joel d. gooddmorning patriie, (ad ib) 3 5858 i'd like o keepp it'ssgoing to beehome for unsettleehim gain until really havee o/ allhoogh he's a ealll cool horse, taaes it. 3
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3 3&p for commlete coverageeon ttis year's prrakness... go to fox baltimore ddt om and look for "preakness" under hot &ptopics. 3 magine sseing ppemium gas selling for dollar and ten &pcalifornia driiees paid on sunddy. sunday.unfortunaaell for tte
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gas station's owner - the low prrcc was due to computer glitch.within four hours - the owner was out 21--ttousandd -3 pucks... and he was also out of ppemium gas. pas.theeowner ays oe prrblee facebook and text messaging- word of mouth gets around fastt.- reallied- heeprice went back up too4-29 a gallon. 3 it's shiny, red aad 3 driving up attendancc at one texxs high school. schooll(("i really do wann it iis a really cuteecar.")) carr"))imaggneedrivinngoff with this b-m-w just for attendiig school everr day.thh 20-11 b-m-w coupe will gg to one luckyyarlinnton high &pschool student for perfect
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attendance.the car was donated py aalocal dealership. & 3 it's a wedding proppsal that certtinly takes the cake. nats nats 3 we shoo you one maa's jaw & dropping proposal.. coming up..- pp. you're 3 watching fox 5 good day baatimore. 3 ((bump out)) ((breek ))
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3 toast to a wiie, 3 food,,and fun-filled weekend..- cheers to a great weekend at wine ii tte woods. woods.mettorologist
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mily -3 gracey is live witt the ddtailsson this morning's hometown hotspot. hotsppt. &
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3& wine in thh woods is at mmrriweather post paviiion 3&pmore innormaaioo, log on to ffx baatimorredot com slash morning.
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,3 one soldier goos to great lengths to pop the question. nats a wedding rrpooal that will be hard to top next. next.. you're 3 watching fox 45 gooo ay baltimore.. 3&p((break 2)))-
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3 you''e seen thee 3 high schoollboyssgoing o ii comes tt wwdding prooosals- &pgentlemen take note- this is how it'ssdonemusic nats -33 nats
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3 3& wiih thh group "train" pllyiig their hit song "marry mee thhss soldier pppped the question to -3&phis girlfriend at c-n-- center in tlanta.the sstuation didn'' eem to dawn n he girlffrend util the actuaa & ring came out.thee hr jaww sure looks like a yes to me..- train is coming to 3 preakness...
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3 3 -3 3 map ffbbr map 195 map libertt pap fiber map 195 map
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3 llberty 3 you wear fewer layers in the summmr... 33 aad so does your dog.expeet tipp on cuttinggdown on ssheding... as the weather &pheats p. -3's somethiig yyuu how costcoocan help get you dolled u for yyuu wedding day. you're watching foxx 45 ood daa baltimore. 3p((breaa 3)))-
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pt's getting doggoned hot oot theee...and with the hot and humid doo dayssof summer quickly apppoaching....ou need to make sure youurcaniiessstay pietrich, the owner oo dogtopia in clarksville, joins &p---hw can you
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3 reeuce your dog's shedding and keep the coat shhiy and &phealthy all summer lonn?--what pf ffeas and ticks?--why is it importtnt to keep your pet'' nails trimmed? o you have to get this done how can you do it safely on your owwn--do ddgs et as hot as ww dd? what aae some ways to keep thhm accessories that will keep yourrdog coolland styllsh??- stylish? 3&pfor more
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3 iiformation on dogtopia, log on tt fox baltiiore ddt com slass morning. 3 do you have questions about & grooming your pet?dogtopia back to answer all your puestions.she'll take your meantime.. you can tweet us at a sevvnthhgraderr
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3 a sevennh ggader gets -3& questtoned by the secrre -3 service withouu is parents''consentt consent-why theyysay they & didn't need permission. permissioo. 3 you're wwtching ox 45 ood day ballimoree. 3 (((reakk4))-3
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an ancient treatment.. 3&pon fox 45 newss t 5530. 3 3 & 3 3 -3& 3 3 3
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3 map fiber mapp- 3 the ownee of a pitbull accused - of attacking a -year old boy - ii east baltimore... s ue in court today.there will be a &hearing to determine thee og's temperammnt. temperamentt last month, khalil willis was walking street during a visit to his grandmother's hoosee willis saas tte dog crawled under fence and attacked him. e was bitten on the front ann backk of his right leg and thigh... 3 stitchhs.the dogg' owner .. isaac douglas.. says hhe' sorry thh childdwas bitten... but ays they've got tte wrong dog. 3&pp new bill is expected to be introduced toohell nattonal -3 ggard members serving in egypt... ome home to visit their families.representttive dutcc
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ruppersbeeger will make the announceeent in dundalk tooay.right now....eggpp iss - not included in tte military's rest anddrecuperatioo abbence -3 expeeses for the soldiers trip 33 national guurd soldierr have peen deployee to eygpt ffr a year. & 3 there arr reports that arizona giffords will have to undergo skull surgery todaa.doctors skull to relieve swelling in her brain....afterrbeing shot - sevvral months ago.doctors mayy skull.giffords was justtin 3 kelly, commmad the sppce shuttle endeavour's last mmssion inno ssaae. 3 maria shriver is peakiig put....afttr neww broke... that usbanddarnold schwarzenegggrrfatherrd a child withha household staffer 10 yearssago.'s callinggii aappinful and heartbreakinn time.she 33concernnis for the hildren.
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and priiacy as my children and i try tt rebuild ourrlives and heaa." meanwhile... & many aae asking... how did arnood get away with it for so long?sources say... it may e because the two haddseparate bbnk ccountt. & a mmtherris outragedd...after & her son as questioned by secret service... wwihout er knowledge. nd i all ssarted... with a facebook post.shortly after osama bin laden was killed... 7tt grader vvto lapinna posted a updatte &ptoohii facebooo status... that caught thh feed' attentioo. attentioonhis poss reed -3 ....that bbcause bin laden is now deed... the u-ss houll bee careful f suiiide bombers.a weee ater... vito was caalld &ptt thh principal's office. vito's mother eceived a calll...buttby the tiie he interview wws alreadd finishee. 3 & 3 3 horses and fans illlbe -3 arrivvng at the preakness starting todaa.... juss three -3days beforeethe big raae. 3 but what mosttpeople - are still talking about is who
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""on't" be there nytime oon. - pimlico this mmrning to explain. ggod mooning joel d. 3 3
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,3 p3&p for completee 3 coveraae on this year's preakkess... go to foxbbltimore dot com and lookk por "preakness" undee hot topics. p3 big box store costcoois going couture.theebulk retailer has -&paddeedwedding dreeses to its &pofferings aa one california store..he kirstie kelly collection joined forcee with costco for a en day event. event.there are six gowns to -&pchooss from... and the club ratee or the gowws... under a thoosand dollars. a mmaty milestone foo one retiied prison guard. 3 fifty-nine--eer--ldd onn gooske of isconsin has officiallyyeaten twenty-five áthousandáábig-macs. the ceremony was honored -3&pthe etiree wws honoredddurinn pa cerrmony at mcdonaad's inn
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-3 his's takee gorske thirty-ninn ears to at all &ppf thooe big maas... and he has no intentton f changing -&phis diee. 3 (("hamburger forr ne thing is my favorite food, having itt it the best sandwichh n the world..)) & world..))he's only gone eight 3 and most days he eats two. but his doctorrsays he's &phealthy. ven his - cholesterol level is low. 3 give your carpets a spring cceaning.. forrless. ou can save 75- percent on professiinallccapet cllannig. cleaning. you''e
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3 ((ad lib meeeorologist)))-
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3 3 it's our mobideal of the weee! every 3 from mobideals... wwich & provides couuoos directly to
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your cell phonee phone! this -3 week's deal comms from "preferred restoration." your home steam cleaned for 50- dolllrr.that'ssa 75- just go to myymobideals- dot-com to ggt tarted.. r look for mobiieals on yoor smartphone. smartphone. mobideals is a proouct of our parent compann.. sinclair broaddast group. 3 keep your pet looking great - groomingg our ppt expert is here to answerryoor questions &pabout our furry ffiind. - the lines are open.... -3 watching fox 44 good day 3& 3
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3 3 happening now...the space shuttle ndeavour aa eached its destination. enddavour dooked aa the international - ppace station earlier this morning... two days after blasting off on the next-toolaat fliiht of the shuttle ppogram. eedeavour and ts six astronauts aree deliveriig a 2 billion- dollar
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& this is all part of a missson universeformed. the dettctor to the space station tomorrow. 3 3 nine statts continue to deaa witt flooding from thh mississippi rivvr.residents in -&pmississippp areedealing with the cresttnggriier while more people downstreammare working --3 to save what they ccn. 3 ttmmy andres has the latest on & ow resiients are reacting too 3- 3 ((youu koww iive always wanted to fish off my front porch but floodwaters are sttcking around ... prodding sooe residents to make the best of p bbd sittation.downstream in -3 looisianaa- peoppe are dding -3 all hey an tt saveetheir homes.i'veelived here alllmy pife.have you eeer seen anything like thhs?never have, neverrhaaeeit's ust unbeliivable.vidalia's mmyor toured his waterfront town by boat tuesday.laage conttinerss surround riverfroot properttis. afterrthe river goes doww we''e going to have a & tremendous amount of
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33 ww'reegoing to have to deal -3&pwwth.the u-s coast guard 3 rivee neaa viialia tuesday. though it may be closed again if water levvll riseeabout 4 - -thousann people have evacuated louisiana...nearly 5-thoosand are displaced in mississippi.despite the flooding ere in vicksbbrg - officiaas say theelevee ssstem is holding's going ass e - to sttrttcresting in vicksburg on thursday.i'm 33 p3 it's your turn to get sooe -33 great adviie on keeping your pet well groommd. &pggoomed.. if you have oor expert is here. she's aking your calls and faceebokkqueettons nnxt. the liies are open... p10-4811-545. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. 3 ((break 7)) [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year.
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3 we're back with 3 sse dietrichhfrom oggopia... sse's here to take your calls pnn questioos about grroming your pets, and about pets in general.if you have a -3& question... our ppone linnss -3 are open now at 410-481-4545. & bbltimmre... r goothrough our &p michael- bmore bbore
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3 3 terrsa "i have a chow-lab with a lot of haar aad it gets - expensive to pay for haii uts of clippers when i do it myself. any ideass" iddas?" 3& pikki "ddes my shih tzz need oof ecause of the heet?" heatt""ichaela 3 "howwcan i control my pet's phedding, f he doesn't llke to be bbushedd""- 3 eldersburrroseanne-
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brussed?" & roseanne- 3 eldersburg p3 3 eldersburg
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& 3 when will the wet weather end? steve's ot your 7-day & forecast.. after the breaa..
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